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DECORATION: General Catalogue ... .PDF

  • Antiques

    The offer of Antiques is very wide and variable. For this reason, MKM offers to their clients the possibility of locating case by case any desired antique. From pictures and lamps to furniture and any other type of decorative object, we have great variety of antiques. Now we are showing some reference samples about what it is possible to be obtained.

  • Exterior Decor.

    Articles of marked design that allow to give this personal and exclusive touch to the spaces to which they are destined. The range of offered products is very wide and differentiated, reason why their application could be destined for very varied spaces. Generally they use to be realized in marble, bronze, and other metals, to which the passage of time will be increasing its decorative aspect.

  • Interior Decor

    The interior decor items that we show here, are all of them made in Portugal. All the ceramic articles, are in their majority elaborated and painted by hand. These Portuguese ceramics has a great tradition and an extensive variety. The copper articles are very typical of this country and have a high quality manufacture. These decorative elements usually are used in spaces where it is wanted to give an antique aspect.

  • Garden Decor.

    Portugal is specially wellknown for its strong sensibility towards the gardens which embellish its houses, parks and walks. From long time ago, the Portuguese industry of articles for the decoration of gardens has been developing a great variety of products which stand out for its good taste and finished. The furniture for gardens are elaborated in aluminum in order to avoid their deterioration due to the weather inclemencies. .

  • Decorative Antique Beams

    Economic, practical and decorative option to give the warm and comfortable aspect that always wished for your dwelling . They are an exact replica of the traditional wood beams, and there are several formats, colors and measures. Its lightness and adjustment facility to any space allows that their manipulation and installation are relatively easy.