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OTHER CERAMICS TILES: General Catalogue ... .PDF

  • Red Body Tiles

    Spain is one of the countries with greater tradition in the development and elaboration of Red Body Tiles. The big quantity of Red Body Tiles factories nowadays existing in Spain, as well as the quality of its products, guarantees the possibility to offer to our clients a wide range of Red Body Tiles products, assuring the possibility to find the product which will satisfy their specific necessities.

  • Glazed Porcelain Tiles

    MKM offers the possibility of attending the necessities of our clients about Porcelain Tiles, proposing a huge range of models, finishes and sizes. What we are presenting now is a sample of Porcelain Tiles with new finishes like Metal, Oxide and Stone.

  • Full-body Porcelain Tiles (polished)

    Full-body Technical Porcelain Tiles. High resistance, great hardness, low porosity and minim water absorption. These properties and their great design possibilities, will satisfy the most demanding technical and decorative necessities. The polished finished one offers an ample range of measures and special pieces (stair treads, stair risers, skirting stair...)

  • Full-body Porcelain Tiles (textured)

    The Full-body Technical Porcelain Tile is a vanguard product with an wide range of solutions in pavements and coatings. Others Surface finishes that we can offer are the Grain, Soft, Lapatto and Matte, increasing the possibilities of use of this innovating product.

  • Klinker

    Klinker is a high technology ceramic product, made with special clays fired at a temperature up to 1,300 oC conferring it a high quality, great resistance and long-lasting properties. It is a natural and vitrified product in all its mass, with slight tone variation and rustic aspect.

  • Terracotta

    The Terracotta which we are presenting now is a 100% natural product which is obtained firing the clay with almond shells and olive pits as fuel. In this way this Terracotta gets a much earthier colour as the traditional terracotta was made. The borders, wall tiles and other elements of decoration are hand painted creating a range of unique pieces.

  • Glass Tiles

    The glass tile is an innovating concept of wall and floor tiles in the ceramics world. Their components and elaboration system obtain their colourful and luminosity which contributes to give a fresh and cheerful aspect to the environments where they are applied.

  • Glass Blocks.

    The Glass Block is a very resistant glass product, destined to the construction that unlike other products contributes a noticeable decorative connotation. It is used in the construction of translucent partition walls, floors and ceilings, creating a great luminosity ambient. Their more outstanding characteristics are, light, colour, security and resistance. It has an internal air chamber that transform it as a thermal and acoustic insulator, conferring it a strong resistance to the high temperatures and the atmospheric inclemencies.