A brief overview about us, MKM

The history of MKM begins to take shape without even knowing it, in July 1997, when its founding partner (born in the city of Porrino where the quarries of the world famous granite Pink Porrino are located) made the decision to leave everything that held him in his home country to move to Japan, where he married and learned the language as well as the idiosyncrasy of such an awesome country.

Shortly thereafter, an event that finds him in the right place and right time leads him to what would be his beginnings in the field of Natural Stone, being trained professionally in the context of the demanding Japanese stone market under the tutelage of two exceptional guys who have been the most important support to launch his career in its beginnings (Mr. Atsumi and Mr. Watanabe, thank you guys!)

Almost a decade later, life circumstances lead him back to Spain and that’s when MKM is founded in 2003, on the pillars of everything he learned in Japan, his second homeland. This is the beginning of our brief but intense history.

Nowadays, MKM is a small but reliable and dynamic stone trading company fully committed with our customers when it comes to meeting their needs by providing a personalized service “case by case” in the search the best materials and offering the most suitable logistics management in order to assure to achieve their targets successfully.

Thanks to a carefully selected network of suppliers we have the ability to offer all kinds of products, from raw material, slabs and standard tiles, to cut-to-size material for projects, being able to always cover the requirements of each demand.

Marbles, Granites, Limestone, Sandstone among other stone types from all over the world are at our fingertips, just let us know the stone you need and we will do the rest for providing you with it.

When it comes to projects, we offer clients unlimited support from beginning to end, that is,  from material search, assistance in overcoming language barrier (blueprints and cutting list) , production follow-up & inspection, deadline control, etc., until destination delivery management .

For those customers who may need logistical support, we do offer the possibility of assisting them through our agents in everything related to the cargo & delivery according to their needs.

Additionally, Japanese speaking, reading and writing is more than welcome!!!

Finally, we would like to make a special mention of our successful contribution to the Tokyo Station roof restoration that took place in 2012, as a sign of our engagement to quality and service.