What are the services we offer?

Based on the experience gained during more than 20 years, MKM is in an excellent position for searching, finding and offering to our customers any kind of stone thanks to the flowing and committed business relation we have with our providers all over the world. Nevertheless, our activity goes beyond the mere sale, offering a personalized service in terms of logistics or any other needs that our customers may have in order to achieve the expected result. Your success is our target.


Our services

From raw material through semi-finished to finished and standardized products

We provide raw blocks, slabs of several thickness, standard tiles, bricks, cobble stones, flag stones and so on for indoor and outdoor using.
We can offer a huge range of surface finishing as well as special jobs on edges and shapes according to your requirement.
Regardless to the format all the stones are meticulously packed complying with all the regulations for export purposes.

New stone searching

Give us a hint and we will search and find the stone you are looking for. As simple as it sounds!


We can manage the transportation by FCL or LCL shipments, according to our customer’s needs
Furthermore, we are also able to combine stones from different factories (even different formats) to be loaded at once in the same container or truck.

Cut to Size for projects

We have experience in the management and planning of the elaboration of stone products for projects, arranging the deliveries according to the requirements of each job.

After-sales service

We monitor and provide the appropriate solution to any incident that may happen after the product has been delivered. If you have any doubts we will be more than happy to help you solve them.

Coordination and personalized attendance to customer visits

We undertake the necessary arrangements to facilitate the visit of clients whenever they need it, providing a totally personalized attendance.